21 Megapixels.

21 Moments.

1 Shot.


92% of smartphone users use their phone as their primary camera. We had to demonstrate that the 21 MP Moto X was the best camera phone in the market.


To prove it, we challenged a tableaux vivant photographer to capture 21 choreographed moments in one shot. Then we created a deeper experience with interconnected films across the Instagram grid.

Interconnected Stories

The moments within the shot were connected, inviting people to explore the image on a deeper level.


Girlfriend ignores text from boyfriend, hangs with surfer.


Boyfriend sees girlfriend with surfer, lets go of balloons.


King Neptune, atop a roof, pops the drifting balloons.

Instagram Experience

Click below to experience interconnected stories

It just blows my mind that we were able to pull it all off in one shot with the moto x.

– Ryan Schude, Photographer